Curious as to how ACE Electric can serve you as a great electrician Stillwater OK? Well, you’ll find below a very extensive list of all the services and specific details we can handle with your property. On most electrician Stillwater OK websites, you aren’t going to find any details like this! So if any of these services fit the description of what you need done for your home or building, then go ahead and give us a call!


Residential and commercial troubleshooting

Mobile Home troubleshooting and Remodel 

New construction both residential and commercial

Old work both residential and commercial, remodel.

Low-voltage work including whom sourced security cameras and doorbells

240 V outlet repair, such as dryer and range

Ceiling fan installation both new and remodel as well as replacement of existing equipment.

Adding new dedicated circuits.

Replacement and/or new installation of GFCI‘s (ground fault circuit interrupters)

Electrical overhead services from a qualified electrician Stillwater OK

Electrical underground services.

Electrical safety inspections by a licensed electrician Stillwater OK

Replacement of antiquated electrical equipment.

Replacement of main electrical panel, especially those that are “FP” (Federal Pacific)

Installation of electrical equipment for hot tubs.

Radiant floor heating

Air conditioner fuss-less/fussed disconnect

Meter box replacement by an electrician Stillwater OK

Small home marijuana growing equipment And dedicated power installation

House fire – electrical remediation and remodel

Flood – Electrical remediation and remodel

Antique electrical fixture remediation

Welding and fabrication

Professional consultant- electrical contracting

Professional estimating service

Paul light installation and repair/replacement

Mobile home pedestal repair and replacement

Home automation

Greenhouse and water features

Bluetooth speakers/shower can combo

Adding new Can lights / wafer lights

Replacing breakers / switchgear

What Are Some Common Electrical Issues?

Some of the issues that face the majority of our customers and Stillwater include…

  1. Replacement of Federal Pacific electric panels
  2. Outlet replacement
  3. Remediation and troubleshooting mobile homes.
  4. Farm and ranch troubleshooting
  5. Placement of outlets
  6. Replacement of existing meter cans.


We also find that there seems to be a plethora of issues that include animals specifically raccoons and squirrels, in 2020 we responded to 13 calls or wildlife had dug or chewed their way into an attic or crawlspace and destroyed the wires in the house. We have become proficient at remediating these issues. 


In the last three years we have responded to more than 50 service calls where space heaters were being employed and could not be avoided but unfortunately prove to be too much for the electrical system to handle, we often find melt outlets scorched wire. Thanks to proper breakers we did not respond to 50 house fires.



More Electrician Stillwater OK Problems We Solve!

We offer a service to our customers after we either wire your new house or install the new panel we will return within one year and make sure that all connections in the electrical panel are tight and there is no obvious signs of issue. We encourage you to reach out to us and schedule your free panel inspection! It takes about 20 minutes and if we find any issues we can provide you with an estimate to fix it, i’m happy to say that nine out of 10 panel inspections are often clear and only require tightening a connection. 


We’ve noticed in the last several years that some electrical contractors are charging for estimates, we understand if the system must be designed by the electrical contractor, but if we are simply providing an estimate where we do not have to design a system, all estimates are always free!


Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority – If you’re trying to grow your legally permissible amount of plants at home and need help with grow lights or dedicated power a member of our team serves as our primary point of contact to help you discover and define your electrical needs, this includes installation of new dedicated power circuits as well as grill lights, fans and or dehumidifiers. 


Are you looking to install some specific lighting in a particular room of your house, something low volt or colorful LED? We may have some solutions for you!


Are you considering adding a pool? We are familiar with pool installations for our area including all pertinent codes and requirements. One of the most important things with the pool is that it is grounded properly, especially when you’re adding lights and a pump to the situation.


Are you building your house yourself – we can help you with your electrical layout and provide you solutions that fit your budget, please consider our years of experience and thousands of houses that we’ve already done. One of the most important things we are doing an electrical layout of your home is to ensure you have enough outlets!


If you have a breaker that continues to trip, please take our advice; do not put a higher amperage breaker On wire that is not rated for it! This is the second leading cause of electrical house fires in America. For example in a typical home in Stillwater, it is required that all branch circuits and switch legs must be completed with 12 gauge wire, according to the national electric code 2020, The maximum amperage of 12 gauge copper wire is 20 Amps, if the breaker continues to trip do not put a 25 or 30 amp breaker on that circuit, this will cause a heating issue and can result in a house fire.

Garbage Disposals

Most people do not realize at the bottom of almost every garbage disposal, there is a hole shaped like a bolt, an Allen wrench will fit inside that hole and you can twist the garbage disposal left and right and often free up any debris that may have caused the motor to seize up and stop working which could result in a breaker being tripped. Of course if this doesn’t work give us a call and we can refer you to one of the plumbers that we work with to install a new garbage disposal and we can come in and handle any electrical issues.

Tripped Breaker

In 2020 Ace Electric responded to 32 calls that were only tripped breakers, you can save yourself the cost of a service call if you turn the breaker all the way off and then all the way back on.

Saving Money on Power

Did you know that you can save up to 15% on your lighting if you had an electrician Stillwater OK switch your bulbs to LED? Ace Electric stocks all of the best brands of LED lamps and commercial lights for your home and business needs, we can replace the traditional 2 x 4 fluorescent Troffer light that fits in a drop ceiling with a brand new LED panel light that does not pull a fraction of the power of the fluorescent fixture does!


Smart Maintenance, Recommended by an Electrician Stillwater OK

Remember the panel inspections that we perform? It’s important to change breakers every 5 to 8 years depending on the brand to ensure maximum safety potential, another important piece of advice for more self-sufficient homeowners, it’s important to tighten the connection to your panel at least once every three years, now keep in mind often the service feeders coming into the house or live all the time and may require special equipment to tighten that connection, don’t be afraid to reach out to us to help.

Generator Installation

A back up generator that is natural gas powered can be an absolute lifesaver be at the extremes of the seasons or the value of the food in the freezer it is often considered to be paid in full versus the cost of installation with just one ice storm lasting two days both in the amount of food saved as well as no disruption to your normal life. This is especially important for senior citizens who may be on critical life-saving equipment.

Generator Transfer Switch

If you already have a generator but would like to operate it in the most safest way possible that protects not only your valuable home but the line persons who’s working to restore power, contact us and let us install a manual transfer switch, this important life-saving device cannot only save you in a power outage but can most certainly save someone working 24 hours to restore power to everyone. 

Computer Hardwire Installations

Is your Internet fast but when it really counts on your favorite video game it just doesn’t seem to be fast enough? Reach out to us and allow us to install cat six network wire throughout your house for a hardwire connection.