About Us

Company Background

Our company was founded in the fall of 2006 with the intent of going after the American dream of owning a business. We had an attorney friend of ours draft an operating agreement for the company, and we were off to the races! It’s been a fun ride serving you as a capable electrician Stillwater OK team.


The very first project we did was at the corner of fourth and Duck in Stillwater, Oklahoma at a four-plex apartment. Later in that same year, we took on what would turn out to be our longest running customer, a local property management firm. And from there on, we have worked hard to provide a quality service at a reasonable price. It is our belief that we often get the jobs that most of the people do not want to do! This willingness to serve has caused us to become specialized in a few key areas for the Stillwater and rural city areas, including mobile homes and troubleshooting.


Who Are the Founders?


Electricians Stillwater Ok Adam Hull 2


Adam Joseph Hull is the founder of our company. He is a second generation Electrician Stillwater OK, after his father who worked doing service commercial work, as well as oil field work. Mr. Hull is a veteran of the United States Army, and is married with two children who reside with him here in our community. Our company president takes his position in the company, as well as the community, quite seriously. He volunteers his time as a leader in our local Trail Life organization, and enjoys greeting members at his local church. Mr. Hull did complete some college here at Oklahoma State University, in pursuit of an electronic engineering degree. He has worked at several local businesses including Fluid Technologies, and Ditch Witch in Perry, Oklahoma. Adam often remarks that “you never know what your experience is going to prepare you for.” Thankfully, you get to enjoy this diverse experience by hiring us as your electrician Stillwater OK. 


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Coda Garry Scott began working with the company and its start, as a laborer, digging ditches and drilling holes. Oftentimes, he would bring in his college friends to help him with a project, and over the last few years, he worked his way from the beginning, all the way to operations manager, and then bought into the company in 2012. By working hard and defining himself as a good electrician and supervisor, in 2018, he was asked to serve as vice president of the company. Mr. Scott has served on the Stillwater City Council for one term, but remains engaged in the community as a member of the Oklahoma Medical Reserve Corps. He also enjoys operating a nonprofit with his wife Ellissa. Their focus is geared toward assisting young women in combating domestic violence and helping women escape the dangerous situation that violence against women often creates. In Cody’s spare time, he likes to work as a semi-professional blacksmith, and along with his martial arts, he enjoys teaching the trades to other people and actively pursues engaging young people and adults into the world of the trades.

Core Values


Service and Accountability

At the heart of Ace Electric is a center of service and accountability. We often ask our customers when we have completed the job why they choose our company when there is so much competition in Stillwater. The consistent answer that we receive is our dedication to service and accountability. When you pick up the phone and call, you will speak to an actual team member, not just some answering service that’s paid to take down phone numbers. If we schedule a job and something unforeseen happens, we’re going to pick up the phone and call you back to inform you of the situation. If we make an installation and something goes wrong, we come back and we fix it. We ask for any religious or cultural considerations before entering home, and when possible, we will take off our shoes to protect your home’s customs. 



Secondly, our core value is transparency. We do not endeavor to be the cheapest contractor in our city, but we work hard to deliver the best service. We believe upfront pricing and the commitment to deliver the best deal possible for you. We’re not one of these big box, national electrician companies who simply looks to “hit a sales number no matter what.” We’re from Stillwater and we’d like to stay in Stillwater. We want to keep being a great electrician Stillwater OK.



There’s an old saying, “once you get to where you’re going, turn around and help the next person get there.” We believe in the philosophy and reach out to the community and bring new people into the trades either by helping them acquire an apprentice license and connecting them with larger firms in need of help, or we take the time to train them and prepare them so they can make the change from whatever career they have to a career in the trades. We say without hyperbole that we have been blessed beyond measure. It is our joy to share that blessing with others.


We want to expand our business and serve more people not only in Stillwater but Payne County eventually the state of Oklahoma.


Why stillwater is a great place, why we love Payne county and Oklahoma.

Love is often very difficult to quantify, but if we was to point out some thing specific that is very unique to Stillwater, if you have a child with special needs, if you need a group to plug into, if you’re looking to earn a college degree, develop your career in the trades, or take him some gorgeous Oklahoma sunsets. Stillwater has it all. It’s very common for people in a job who’s skills are in high demand, to be required to travel for work from time to time. And although I thought both the east and the west coast of the United States was absolutely breathtaking it only had one piece or another of the community that is Stillwater.